Malika Leiper, MUP 2019

Summer 2018

Organization: Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association, Lowell, MA

Sponsor: Greater Boston Area Community Service Fellowship


“In the most recent weeks at the CMAA, I designed and led two educational activities: a segment for the CMAA’s weekly Cambodian-language show to teach viewers about general urban planning concepts; and a workshop for the CMAA staff about data collection and analysis.


CMAA TV Show: What is Urban Planning?

Every Wednesday, CMAA broadcasts a live TV show to share important news and events with the Khmer community of Lowell. The host, Visal Chin, shares stories about health and community events and invites speakers ranging from mental health experts, to City Council members, to community leaders. The shows are aired through the local access cable channel via Lowell Telecommunications Corporation (LTC).

For this week’s program, I presented about urban planning, which is a field of study and practice that members of the Cambodian American community in Lowell do not have much exposure to. My intention was to provide a general description of what urban planning can mean, along with some examples of small-scale urban processes to encourage viewers to think differently about the built environment and the important role that residents can play in shaping it.

Click here to watch the full show.


Staff Workshop: Demystifying Data

The objective for this 1 hour-long workshop that I designed and facilitated called, “Demystifying Data,” was to familiarize the staff with quantitative and qualitative data collection methods, visualization and analysis. My aim was to show how data can be a useful tool in development and non-profit organizations like the CMAA. Most importantly, I wanted to present the subject matter in an accessible way and to teach the attendees to think critically about the data they encounter on a daily basis in their personal and professional lives.”