Hanna Kim, MDes ADPD 2019

Summer 2018

Organization: Equal Justice Initiative, Montgomery, AL

Sponsor: Greater Boston Area Community Service Fellowship


“‘Everyone’s narrative is vulnerable and should be protected. Lawyers’ job is to listen—they are there to protect the narrative.’ —A senior attorney at EJI

EJI is committed to changing the narrative about race in America, by producing groundbreaking reports. EJI uses art, design, and technology to communicate shunned topic such as slavery, war, and race, allowing a new and visceral understanding; I find this work very important and urgent. For the third and fourth week of the Summer Justice Internship at the Equal Justice Initiative, I dived deeper into the design and illustration work for their publications.

Alongside the design projects, I continue to learn about the criminal justice system and the wide breadth of EJI’s work. Last week, a senior attorney led a session on EJI’s prison conditions work. Mass incarceration is a crisis in the United States, and that’s a widely accepted fact. Terror and punishment in prisons create an unsafe, lethal, costly, and ineffective environment that does nothing for public safety or rehabilitation. The lack of transparency and accountability, emboldened by institution-wide corruption, fester sexual assaults—by prison guards and other inmates—and inhumane prison conditions. Hearing from someone who fights for these unimaginable narratives invigorated me with a new sense of strength and urgency.”