International Travel Community Service Fellowship

Funding sources for internships abroad

The main mission of the International Travel CSFP is to support GSD students in traveling overseas to work in nonprofit or government settings. Students secure unpaid internships which are typically two to three months in length. The focus of the work is to apply the skills the student has developed in their graduate studies.  The funding supports travel expenses to and from the country in which the student is volunteering.

GSD students have received International Travel Community Service Fellowship funding to travel to work in organizations such as:

  •          United Nations Development Programmin Bangladesh 
  •          Tirana Municipality in Albania
  •         United Nations Economic Commission for Africa in Ethiopia

Applications for International Travel CSFP funding are accepted on a rolling basis.  Submit your application as early as possible ( for example, January). Awards are decided as we receive applications. When the funding is spent for the year, the application will be closed.