Eric Moed, MDes ADPD 2019

Summer 2018

Organization: Horizons for Homeless Children, Boston, MA

Sponsor: Wendy Evans Joseph MArch ’81 Community Service Fellowship


“My excitement to work with Horizons for Homeless Children prompted me to start my Wendy Evans Joseph MArch ’81 Community Service Fellowship almost immediately after the spring semester ended. The first two weeks working at Horizons has been a dynamic experience as I have both been developing a design project for the organization and volunteering with the children it serves. The design project I am engaged with at Horizons is a Parents Resource Room, a room for the parents of the children to relax in that serves as a private space outside of a homeless shelter or a space to learn about homeless resources or job opportunities. As part of the design work, I have been engaged with finding and vetting contractors, being the liaison to the Horizons development office, and interviewing teachers, administrators and parents about what they would like to see in the space.

The children are very high energy, creative, and playful, and assisting their teachers takes my full focus and energy. We do everything from fostering productive playtime indoors and outdoors, to reading, drawing, building, serving the children lunch, and washing dishes. A lot more to come as the project and summer develop.”