Eric Moed, MDes ADPD 2019

Summer 2018

Organization: Horizons for Homeless Children, Boston, MA

Sponsor: Wendy Evans Joseph MArch ’81 Community Service Fellowship


“My fellowship at Horizons for Homeless Children is coming to an end soon. I am trying to use the remaining weeks to be as helpful to the organization as possible. After further conversations with the executive director of Horizons and the head family advocate, I have begun documenting my environmental design research and design proposal with the goal of presenting to the Horizons board. I hope to show them a package containing recommendations for the new/forthcoming Horizons headquarters, a project currently under development. The research will contain studies on how environmental factors— such as lighting temperature and air quality— can drastically impact children developmentally, especially in classroom/learning environments.

My time in the classroom volunteering directly with toddler & preschool-aged kids has been both my favorite part of the fellowship and has also been the most illuminating experience. Getting the opportunity to teach through play, alongside the Horizons teachers, has been a crash-course in how the design of a classroom directly impacts both teaching and learning. I plan to use these experiences and learnings to:

Buttress the already-thorough and impressive pedagogy of the organization.

Share my research and a number of design tactics that will hopefully impact the learning environments and development of the children.

Aid the parents, staff and teachers at new Horizons HQ.”