Eric Moed, MDes ADPD 2019

Summer 2018

Organization: Horizons for Homeless Children, Boston, MA

Sponsor: Wendy Evans Joseph MArch ’81 Community Service Fellowship


“Although my fellowship at Horizons for Homeless Children has technically ended, I am still actively working and volunteering with the organization. Later this week, I will be presenting research to the Horizons leadership and staff on environmental classroom design and recommendations for the new/forthcoming Horizons headquarters. The research contains studies on how environmental factors such as lighting temperature and air quality can drastically affect children developmentally, especially in classroom/learning environments.

As I have noted before, being in the classroom is by far the most enjoyable, enriching and difficult part of my work at Horizons. I don’t feel as if my work with Horizons and the children it serves is done, and accordingly, I will continue volunteering with the children I have grown so fond of through this summer and the upcoming year. This is a testament to the meaningful nature of the work Horizons for Homeless Children does on a daily basis. I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to be a Community Service Fellow this summer and will never forget this experience. The takeaways that have come out of working with this organization and alongside its amazing community will serve and inspire me and my work for years to come.”