Vish Srivastava, MDE 2019

Summer 2018

Organization:, San Francisco, CA

Sponsor: Greater Boston Area Community Service Fellowship


It’s been incredibly interesting and inspiring for me to observe how design can tackle societal issues, and the unique flavor that IDEO brings to these challenges in particular. The picture included above was taken in a lavatory in the IDEO San Francisco studio. There are always interesting questions written on the wall to ponder while going about your business, with readily available post-its and markers to add to the conversation.

These topics in particular attracted my attention because they raise important questions given all that is happening in politics, but also highlight why design is critical to tackling these sorts of issues. Ironically, it feels like we often forget the human experience when working to try to meet societal challenges. Human-centered design reminds us to do exactly that. It also encourages us to take time to fully explore the intricacies of a problem and to fully explore the range of potential solutions. focuses solely on the social sector. I have been impressed with the patience and attention given to understanding the human experience within even the most intractable problems. More to come as I start diving into my project working on family planning in Ethiopia!”