Vy Mai | Master in Architecture II ‘18

Summer 2017

Organization: MASS Design Group, Boston, MA

Sponsor: Greater Boston Community Service Fellowship

” My second week at MASS Design Group has been a continuation of some initial conceptual work for the Africa Centre Of Excellence for Genomics of Infectious Diseases. The research for the design has included passive cooling systems, natural daylighting strategies and material research. With this research, the team has been playing with the massing of the building to best bring this information together.



The co.Lab this week, the weekly educational session with invited guests, was hosted by James Kostaras from the Institute for International Urban Development.




I really enjoyed hearing about the work from the policy end of International Development, and am really eager to begin to think about how to fill the gap between policy work and the spatial implications of such work. The groups and partners that work with MASS have been exciting to learn about.”