Francisco Colom, MDes 2019

Summer 2018

Organization: MASS Design Group, Boston, MA

Sponsor: Joint Center for Housing Studies Community Service Fellowship


“My summer with Mass Design Group has been a really valuable learning experience because of the group’s approach to design, advocacy, research and training. The opportunity to learn from MASS Design Group’s methodologies and design processes have enriched my knowledge of the professional practice and given me access to the complex network of stakeholders involved.

Lately, I’ve been working on a research project on the relation between the formal and the informal in various South American capital cities. Urban transformation processes in many of these cities imposed a grid that disregarded the organic and spontaneous pattern of the original settlements. Today, the line of contact between these urban models often reflects social, environmental and cultural conflicts.

On a personal level, I’ve also appreciated the collaborative atmosphere at MASS, with multiple social events every week. The picture above is a recent pecha kucha dinner.”