Ben Sadkowski, MUP 2019

Summer 2018

Organization: Massport, Boston, MA

Sponsor: Greater Boston Area Community Service Fellowship


“In addition to my work with the business and strategic planning division at Massport, I’ve had the opportunity to explore work conducted by other branches of the port authority. More specifically, I have been able to sit down with members of Massport’s Climate Mitigation and Resiliency program. Several key points that we’ve covered during our conversations have included:

  • The development of an interactive web app that gives Massport employees the ability to view resiliency assets and deployment in real-time
  • Collaboration with similar resiliency programs in port authorities and cities on both east and west coasts
  • Contingency plans for not only high-level flooding from storms, but also from severe blizzards (to which Boston is no stranger)
  • The need for deployment strategies that are effective but do not cause alarm
  • Effective communication channels between Massport and the general public

Furthermore, in addition to the points above, I’ve been able to delve into Massport’s strategies for developing flood-proofing infrastructure that will protect airport facilities in the event of storm surges. While the list of objectives and tactics is long, a few key points that I’ve found particularly interesting include:

  • Massport’s desire to increase local business resiliency in order to restart services for the community as quickly as possible
  • Protecting critical power and communication services in order to facilitate faster recovery
  • Preventing damage to critical structures, such as airport runways and ground vehicle tunnels

Overall, while my focus at Massport has been on transportation, it’s been a great opportunity to learn about other critical aspects of Massport’s work and how they plan to respond to climate change in the future.”