Dana Hills, MLA 2020

Summer 2018

Organization: Mystic River Watershed Association, Arlington, MA

Sponsor: Greater Boston Area Community Service Fellowship


“During my last week at Mystic River Watershed Association I went for a long kayak ride on the Mystic River to help map out a future kayak tour route. We started in Charlestown near the USS Constitution, traveled around Charlestown and then up the river to Assembly Row. It was a long trip in total, but certainly an excellent way to cap off the summer internship. In Charlestown, I loved seeing Boston from a different vantage point on the water, and many of the buildings and boats seemed huge in comparison to our kayaks. On the Mystic River itself, it was neat seeing the more industrial areas of Chelsea, Everett and Charlestown. The experience made a strong case for building public access and connections to industrial areas that are often disregarded as undesirable places. We had a fascinating experience going through the dam near the orange line bridge from Assembly to Wellington. We blew a little horn to alert someone to open up the locks for us to be able to go from the salt water side of the river to the freshwater side. Immediately on the freshwater side there was a huge difference, with the riverside mostly vegetated (because it’s mostly designated park land).

I want to thank the folks at MyRWA for a great summer and for helping me connect further with the water bodies in the Boston area!”