Analyzing New York City’s flood risk requires identifying lots that lie primarily within the floodplain boundary (projected 2050’s 100-year floodplain pictured here).


Casey Peterson, MUP 2018

Summer 2017

Organization: New York City Department of City Planning, Waterfront & Open Space Division

Sponsor: Joint Center for Housing Studies Community Service Fellowship


” My central task this summer at NYC Department of City Planning is to develop profiles for every community district in New York City’s floodplain. The profiles will take stock of current and projected flood risk and highlight contextual issues that may help or hinder the process of adapting buildings to be flood resilient.

Having identified the building parcels lying within the current and projected floodplains, I am now in the midst of extensive data analysis. The variables I’m analyzing include existing zone and land use, building height, age, and typology.

This research will be useful as my department continues to engage community boards and other organizations around updating the city’s flood zone text.”