Juan Reynoso, MUP/MPH 2020

Summer 2018

Organization: Office of Assemblymember Todd Gloria, Sacramento, CA

Sponsor: Joint Center for Housing Studies Community Service Fellowship


“Although the California State Legislature just started its summer recess this week, the work of negotiating and advancing legislation continues. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been developing fact sheets to help illuminate the impact that Assemblymember Gloria’s main housing legislation (AB 2372) will have on San Diego neighborhoods. (For details on the specifics of AB 2372, see my blog post #1.) Given the scars and backlash that still exist from Senator Scott Weiner’s failed SB 827 on upzoning around transit stations, and since AB 2372 has similarities to SB 827, the Office is being proactive in reaching out to stakeholders to clarify the distinctions. So far, we’ve used these housing fact sheets in meetings with the Governor’s Office and in community town halls with constituents.

Now that I’ve been in the legislature for about two months and have gained a stronger understanding of the legislative process, especially related to housing legislation, I’ve started to put together my capstone deliverable for the internship. Based off of my learnings, I’m drafting a packet of policy memos to inform the Assemblymember’s next cycle of housing legislation. Some topics include:

  • Single room occupancy hotels to address homelessness
  • Promoting aging-in-place programs
  • Amendments to the housing element law

With the extra time provided by the legislative summer recess, I look forward to finalizing these policy ideas and presenting them to the Assemblymember.