At Work in Asuncion

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At Work in Asuncion

Julie Deborah Mercier, MDes 2015
Summer 2014
Location: Paraguay and surrounding nations
Sponsor: CSFP International Travel Award

“This morning I interviewed the Director of the Red Cross, Alejandro Luis Buzo (left). After the interview, Alejandro discussed the notion of a larger meeting – with directors from other aid agencies involved in the flood relief & recovery effort – with the Director (Jenny) and President of the Camara de Comercio Paraguayo-Americana (CCPA). They are going to work out the details and set up the meeting while I’m still here. Yesterday, I interviewed the current Director of the Franja Costera Project, Marcelo Kublik, at his office in one of Asucion’s municipal buildings. Tomorrow, I am going to interview and tour the Banado Norte with a woman named Zunilda, who also works for the municipality of Asuncion. Friday, I tentatively have an interview with Gonzalo Garay, the former Director of the Franja Costera Project. Saturday, I am volunteering with the Red Cross in order to meet other volunteers who are local and who know the area and the people affected by the flooding (los inundados). I have my fingers crossed that next week I can start interviewing los inundados!”