Claire Summers, MUP 2018

Summer 2017

Organization: Boston Department of Neighborhood Development, Boston, MA

Sponsor: Joint Center for Housing Studies Community Service Fellowship

“Last week, representatives from the Dept. of Neighborhood Development took a tour of The Beverly, a unique new development in the North End that has a residential component with 100% affordable units. The building is still under construction.
It was interesting to see how a building gets built physically, but also how the developers communicated the building’s program. The development will have residential and hotel uses, with almost 250 units that are all income-targeted at levels ranging from 30-165% AMI.
Located on the edge of the North End, The Beverly is extremely well located, and has access to multiple T lines and the commuter rail. It also has incredible views of the City that in another context would make for extremely expensive units.
The City and the developer, Related, have a lot of enthusiasm for the project, as it provides affordable units at a time when affordable housing is the number one concern for Boston residents.


The City wants to provide affordable units, but also to ensure that the work it’s doing in this area is known, particularly with the upcoming Mayoral election. The developer’s motivation, on the other hand, is less obvious.

The optics of building a 100% affordable project is beneficial for Related, as is the opportunity to create a new, potentially replicable model.”






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August 14, 2017