Redevelopment of Everett Square
Ksenya Benderskaya’s, MUP 2013
Summer 2012
Organization: City of Everett Department of Planning and Development, Everett, MA
Sponsor: Community Service Fellowship Program

Ksenya Benderskaya’s (MUP 2013) flagship project for the City of Everett was to create a preliminary study for the redevelopment of Everett Square, a gateway into the city’s downtown. After weeks of examining the existing economic, physical, and social characteristics of this area, she helped the Planning Department to identify key development strategies for reanimating the Square as a successful community and commercial space.

Another equally exciting project was to develop the city’s first comprehensive data booklet, a document intended to provide a general overview of recent statistics pertaining to Everett’s physical growth. The booklet included information regarding demographics, economics, and development of land at both the citywide and census block-group levels.

Everett’s Planning staff has helped Ksenya to understand the needs and desires of local residents and how to be a more conscientious planner in cities with growing immigrant populations and declining economic conditions.