City of Strasbourg’s Mission Roms

Colleen Brady, MUP 2018

Summer 2017

Organization: La Mission Roms – Mairie de Strasbourg & Harvard FXB Center

Sponsor: International Travel Community Service Fellowship


” My summer research on the City of Strasbourg’s “Espaces Temporaires d’Insertion” for Roma migrant residents has come to a conclusion. I’ve spent the past several weeks presenting preliminary findings in France as well as analyzing findings in a more extended report.

The last week of July, the seven Harvard FXB Center research interns working throughout France presented our preliminary findings to our colleagues, advocates in the field, and policymakers at the Council of Europe. It was an interesting day of dialogue and exchange, and was a valuable opportunity to receive feedback on some of my work from stakeholders in Strasbourg and elsewhere in France.


Incorporating that feedback, I then refined my findings in a written report: “Espaces Temporaires d’Insertion: Evaluating Impact of Emergency Shelter & Social Insertion Policies in Strasbourg, France.


One of my most interesting findings came from considering the program’s theory of change as an entry point to analyzing its strengths, areas for improvement, and opportunities for replication.

I understood that the project’s theory of change includes two strategies: one, a humanitarian, short-term approach to providing emergency housing; the other, a longer-term social approach that works to include Roma migrants into the broader Strasbourg society. The current disconnect between the two strategies could be bridged by considering and promoting socio-spatial inclusion on a personal scale, neighborhood scale, and city-wide scale.

Overall, I found that there is room for the built environment to contribute further to the Roma migrant populations’ realization of rights and process of inclusion within the city.

By strengthening linkages and connections between the espace and the greater Strasbourg community, the espaces temporaires d’insertion project can move towards promoting a policy of long-term, socio-spatial inclusion for Roma migrants.”






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August 28, 2017