CSFP Poster Sessions

CSFP Poster Sessions

Featured photo by Tessalina Sofia Photography, 2015.

The 2015 CSFP Poster sessions were held in September to celebrate the work of 18 GSD students locally, nationally and internationally.

Phi Nguyen CSFP poster 2015

Phi Nguyen CSFP poster 2015. Photo by Tessalina Sofia Photography.

Scott Valentine CSFP poster 2015

Scott Valentine CSFP poster 2015. Photo by  Meridith Apfelbaum.

Y2Y CSFP Poster 2015

Y2Y CSFP Poster 2015. Photo by Meridith Apfelbaum.

Watch for announcements in early February about the summer 2016 Community Service Fellowship application cycle.


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October 6, 2015