Design Corps Summer Studio
Christoph Ibele, MArch ’09
Aron Chang, MArch ’09
Sabeen Hasan, MArch ’09
Summer 2007
Organization: Design Corps, Mississippi, USA
Sponsor: Community Service Fellowship Program

Christoph Ibele, Aron Chang, and Sabeen Hasan, all MArch I class of 2009, attended the 2007 Design Corps Summer Studio in Waveland, Mississippi. Students received funding from the Community Service Fellowship ProgramDesign Corps fellows participate in all aspects of projects. GSD students were involved in the design and construction of a single family home and all its components. The work entailed modular construction and local material sourcing and salvaging, part of a broader effort to provide disaster relief in the Gulf Coast.

In 2008, the GSD hosted Design Corps’ annual conference that addresses design for the under-served. The eighth annual Structures for Inclusion conference, titled “Systems for Inclusion,” examined the relationship between design, politics and community.