Detroit Collaborative Design Center 2013
Irene Figueroa Ortiz
Summer 2013
Organization: Detroit Collaborative Design Center (DCDC), Detroit, MI, USA
Sponsors: Community Service Fellowship Program

During her time as a summer fellow at the Detroit Collaborative Design Center (DCDC), Irene Figueroa Ortiz produced a report and set of recommendations about the compliance of the Bloody Run Creek Greenway Redevelopment Project with the objectives and strategies outlined in Detroit Future City. The Bloody Run Creek Greenway Redevelopment is a master plan for the daylighting of the Bloody Run Creek River and redevelopment of Southeast Detroit, developed by DCDC in partnership with various private entities. The project re-introduces the river as the backbone of a series of blue and green infrastructures, and a catalyst of urban re-development. The Detroit Future City is an urban development framework created to inform the future development of Detroit. An important portion of this manual is dedicated to the deployment of green infrastructure and passive water management systems in the city.