Hester Street Collaborative, post 1

Alice Lidia Piret Hintermann, MUP 2018

Summer 2017

Organization: Hester Street Collaborative, New York, NY

Sponsor: Harvard Club of New York


” My internship at Hester Street began with a busy couple of days. On the first Saturday of my internship, we worked on plans to host a large public workshop in Prospect Park. Visitors would be invited to share their visions for the Rose Garden, an underused section of the Park.






My colleagues at Hester Street developed a number of fun and family-friendly engagement activities to gather input. These included an interactive 3D model of a section of the Park, stickers representing different Rose Garden programming ideas that visitors could place on the model and boards, a fun facts quiz on the Rose Garden, a video describing how to find this hidden section of the Park, and a collage activity.


It was an exciting way to get right into working at Hester Street. I helped to assemble all of these activities and get ready for the event. I finalized board layouts, designed stickers, figured out some event logistics, and worked at the actual event.








The public workshop, the first of many engagement events for this project, allowed us to hear people’s ideas and collect data on what they would like to see in the Rose Garden.

I am now working on a report that summarizes this data and will go back to the community. It will also provide information about the work on this project that Hester Street has completed so far.”




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July 6, 2017