Imagine Boston 2030 Week 9

Brodrick Spencer, MUP 2016
Summer 2015
Organization: Boston Redevelopment Authority, Boston, MA, USA
Sponsor: Joint Center for Housing Studies Community Service Fellowship

“The selection process began to pick up this week. The proposal readers created a recommended shortlist of firms to invite to interview with the Selection Committee. I created a presentation template for the Selection Committee, including the name of the firm that wrote the proposal, the lead consultant at the firm, the sub-consultants, their strengths and weaknesses, and a recommendation on whether or not to interview the organization.

I also participated in a neighborhood Open House for the SPA’s ‘Plan South Boston Dot. Ave.’ Corridor Study. This is one of two corridor studies that are being undertaken in the planning department. My role at the Open House was to speak to members of the community about the Citywide Plan and its’ relationship to the SPA’s.  I outlined the Citywide Plan’s broader goals and its’ timeline compared to the more neighborhood focused Corridor Studies.”



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August 5, 2015