Interviewing Residents in Brownsville, Brooklyn

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Interviewing Residents in Brownsville, Brooklyn

Joshua Jow, MArch II 2016
Summer 2015
Organization: Institute for Public Architecture, New York, NY, USA
Sponsor: Joint Center for Housing Studies Community Service Fellowship

“The past couple of weeks I have been working on two projects. The first is a video for the IPA to be used for fundraising and grant applications. We went to the neighborhood of Brownsville in Brooklyn in order to do a series of interviews with residents that lived there. Brownsville has the highest concentration of NYCHA properties in the city in addition to a very high rate of poverty and crime. It is also a site that has received and will continue to receive a great deal of attention regarding the revitalization of its people and spaces. The main question that we asked was “What is an innovative idea for how you would like to see your public spaces transformed?”

I have also been working on research trying to trace funding sources for public housing from FEMA, the City of New York, and the federal government. The goal is to map out lines of funding and where they intersect with specific public housing developments. We can then take this information to the appropriate governmental and non-profit agencies in order to have a discussion about how one can reallocate and use the money in the most effective way.”