LGBT Aging Project post 3

Scott  Valentine, MDes 2016 (Art, Design and the Public Domain)
Summer 2015
Organization: LGBT Aging Project, Boston, MA, USA
Sponsor: Joint Center for Housing Studies Community Service Fellowship

“I have worked with some great people and met many senior community members who were willing to speak honestly and candidly about their personal stories.  By using video during one to one meetings with individuals, I was able to bring into sharp ​focus LGBT senior ​concerns related to housing, social services and well-being. I view this work as designing a new way to produce cultural and social change for the design community.  This type of work has been pivotal during other historic moments such as ACT-UP and the present Black Lives Matter social movement. We are starting to see the role that evolving research can play in further extending spatial justice in our cities.

After several months of editing, assisting with research and peer review, ​the Fenway Institute offered me the opportunity to help​ prepare  a Governor approved and ​commissioned policy​ report.  It is scheduled to be delivered​to the State ​House in September.  T​his ground breaking work for the Commonwealth​ addresses and re-defines the need to provide legal protection for  LGBT elderly in the areas of affordable housing, healthcare,​ public and community spaces. These legal protections will help to create​ a better, more inclusive and accepting Commonwealth for all its citizens.”


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August 12, 2015