Metropolitan Area Planning Council, Week 5

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Metropolitan Area Planning Council, Week 5

Emma Schnur, MUP 2016
Summer 2015

Organization: Metropolitan Area Planning Council, Boston, MA, USA
Sponsor: Greater Boston Community Service Fellowship

In just a few weeks of working at MAPC, I have gotten to take part in planning efforts in municipalities that span the rural to urban continuum. While the Town of Boxborough certainly represents the rural end of that spectrum, cities like Chelsea represent the urban end. Last week, MAPC held a public forum to discuss the Silver Line’s extension into Chelsea and MAPC’s Silver Line TOD Action Plan for the city. MAPC is working with city stakeholders to prepare a plan that ensures that current residents of Chelsea benefit from this increased access to public transportation and economic opportunities. In preparation for this forum, I researched past planning efforts in Chelsea as a means of synthesizing relevant information that can be incorporated into our plan. I created “Community Organizing and Planning” poster boards for the forum and, together with one of Chelsea’s city planners, led that station during the evening.”