Metropolitan Area Planning Council

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Metropolitan Area Planning Council

Emma Schnur, MUP 2016
Summer 2015

Organization: Metropolitan Area Planning Council, Boston, MA, USA
Sponsor: Greater Boston Community Service Fellowship

“I am spending my summer as a Community Service Fellow interning for the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) in Boston. While fostering regional collaboration is a major priority for MAPC, the agency also works as a consultant for cities and towns in Greater Boston undergoing Master Plans, Housing Production Plans, Open Space Plans, and the list goes on. Since joining the MAPC team at the beginning of June, I have been heavily involved in a Master Plan process for Boxborough, a rural town northwest of Boston. My work has included formulating plan recommendations, designing graphics and outreach materials, and engaging the community in the planning process. This past Saturday was Boxborough’s annual town fair called Fifer’s Day, and MAPC got to join in on the action! My co-worker and I, with the help of Boxborough’s town planner and the Master Plan Update Committee, engaged residents of all ages by having a fun and informative booth at Fifer’s Day. At our booth, residents could participate in activities to prioritize their favorite goals and aspirations we developed for the plan, ask questions about the planning process, and learn about Boxborough-specific data that points to the importance of long-term planning for the town. We had an amazing turnout at the booth and got concrete feedback from the community that we will be incorporating into our final plan.”


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June 24, 2015