Neighborworks Blackstone River Valley, post 5

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Karen Sofia Mata, MAUD 2018

Summer 2017

Organization: Neighborworks Blackstone River Valley, Woonsocket, RI

Sponsor: Doebele Community Service Fellowship

”  I am organizing an event to test spatial elements that NeighborWorks uses for food-truck events. Specifically, this activity will focus on how people move, exploring preferences for different outdoor activities and quality of spaces for people to negotiate around. I started this week to prepare for the event; it has been an exciting week full of work. The idea is to use place-making strategies to shift perceptions about the uses of different spaces.  We will use people’s reactions as an indicator for further developments with more permanent implications.



This week we started painting tires to be used as seats. We are planning to propose other ways to create seating and encourage conversations. Old doors have been painted and re-used as tables for games.  Additional items have been re-purposed to create a new ground to play with the space and its possibilities, including frames, balloons, and lights.



Physical enhancement of the area was also required.  We cleaned out some vegetation to visually connect two separate spaces. Dead leaves on the floor were removed. These simple but fundamental steps allow people to develop improved perceptions of the space while encouraging efforts to keep the area clean and to build a sense of belonging.



Follow my next post to find out the results of the event!”


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July 19, 2017