Problem Properties Task Force Meeting

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Problem Properties Task Force Meeting

Jon Springfield, MUP 2015
Summer 2014
Department of Neighborhood Development, City of Boston, MA, USA

Sponsor: Community Service Fellowship Program

“Early this week I met with one of the other interns from Brandeis’ masters of public policy program, who is working on student housing policy for the housing report. DND had for the first time solicited the off campus address for students from all of the Boston colleges, in order to target properties that had student over-crowding as well as assess the student housing situation and establish targets for colleges’ on-campus housing production. I started working with her on analyzing the data for off campus student units, and attended a Problem Properties task force meeting in City Hall that included members of the Department of Neighborhood Development, Fire, Police, Inspectional Services, and the Mayor’s Office. The data that I’d be helping to produce would inform the properties inspected during the August “sting” inspection operation that would both penalize unethical landlords and make a visible statement that the city is active in enforcing overcrowding laws and public health codes. The meeting was also interesting since I got to sit next to a police captain who had responded earlier that morning to a tractor trailer who had driven into Boston Common and got to see the pictures on his iPhone.”


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June 10, 2014