QuitoLab: Envisioning the Future City

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Jennifer Saura, MLA I 2015
Sumer 2014
Organization: Quito Lab (in collaboration with MIT Media Lab), Cambridge , MA, USA
Sponsor: Doebele Community Service Fellowship

“What will urban homes look like in the future? Researchers at MIT Media Lab’s Changing Places group have been investigating this question through their CityHome project. And the public is clicking to know more. This week, CityHome’s video featuring their design for an ultra efficient smart urban home hit one million views. The micro-unit apartment integrates a hardware and software ecosystem into a living area for personal space customization.

QuitoLab, as part of the Changing Places group, envisions the city of the future as a center for connectivity, innovation and entrepreneurship—also termed “innovation zone” in a recent report by Bruce Katz and Julie Wagner (of the Brookings Institution). So how will we use our cities in the fast-approaching future? QuitoLab explores new strategies for city design by looking at how potential city innovation hubs—like Quito’s historic center—might be re-designed to incorporate new technologies, augment urbanite experience, and fuel innovation.”


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June 3, 2014