Rodrigo Solé, MUP 2018

Summer 2017

Organization: RADDAR, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sponsor: International Travel Community Service Fellowship

“During the last weeks of my collaboration with RADDAR, we edited and published a journal which summarizes the 10-week endeavor alongside the fantastic community of the Paraisópolis favela. This product serves on the one hand, as a record to showcase the joint efforts of the two-week workshop on social protagonism, sustainable development, and community mapping.

But on the other, the journal seeks to bring visibility and awareness for the municipality of São Paulo and numerous stakeholders in the possibilities of change that are embedded within a collaborative effort. All of this is due to the richness of the social tissue of the favela.




The workshop officially came to an end with a small reception where the students received the certificates of their valuable participation with the organization. This event also served as a meeting point for the students to discuss the next steps for the development, funding, and consequential implementation of small to mid-size interventions in the territory. These acupunctural projects seek to resolve ongoing issues such as the lack of waste management and removal from certain points of conflict in the neighborhood.










Furthermore, we achieved a milestone for the next steps when the team coded and visualized the data gathered from both the community mapping and surveying exercise.


This data and the visualization of it will be crucial for the development of an open sourced map and database to inform bottom-up planning strategies for the improvement of the territory.








Overall, the experience of working in Paraisópolis will remain one of incredible value to my professional development. The opportunity to work closely with the youth of the favela was uplifting in many ways to rethink the role of younger communities within informal settlements in Latin American cities. There is still plenty of work to develop over the months to come, but this 10-week process resulted in an amazing experience and will serve as a bedrock for future efforts.”


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August 15, 2017