Rebuild Foundation 2015 week 1

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Cara Michell, MUP 2016
Summer 2015
Organization: Rebuild Foundation, Chicago, IL, USA
Sponsor: Doebele Community Service Fellowship

“On June 1st, I began my Doebele Fellowship (generously funded by Bill Doebele through the Harvard Graduate School of Design Community Service Fellowship Program) at Theaster Gates’ PlaceLab / Rebuild Foundation. My first day was quite the introduction, taking me from Theaster Gates Studios to the Arts Incubator in Washington Park, Chicago to the inaugural ArtHouse Dinner in Gary, Indiana. Attached is a video by Taylor Mckinley of PlaceLab about our time at the ArtHouse Dinner.

I chose to post about this (and will continue to do so) on city.on.wheels because I credit this project with leading me to pursue this unique combination of urban planning (place-making) and community art that Theaster Gates has mastered so well. To catch up on what I’ve been doing between city.on.wheels and my projects today, please visit”


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June 9, 2015