Vo, Dahn_she-was-more-like-a-beauty-queen-from-a-movie-scene_Guggenheim Museum

Ana Luiza Padilha Addor, MDes in Art, Design and the Public Domain 2018

Summer 2017

Organization: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, NY

Sponsor: Boston Community Service Fellowship Program


” During the past two weeks, I assisted designers with  producing models, maquettes and renderings for future curatorial and implementation meetings on different exhibitions.

I had the opportunity to work with the Dahn Vo exhibition which will open at the beginning of next year.



Dahn Vo is a Danish contemporary artist, born in 1975 in Vietnam.  The exhibition at the Guggenheim will provide an overview of his production during the past 15 years.

Working with and analyzing a few of Vo’s works, I could feel that his artwork is the result of an immersive process of investigation which takes the audience to a deep and confusing search for meaning through his artistic languages. He collects material, deconstructs and transforms it to address social and political issues, mainly related to power structures. Really interesting artwork!

During this last week, we had a very important workshop about the job market within the non-profit organization context with Sarah Ronsen, the Director of Human Resources at the Guggenheim Museum.

She gave us tips and information on topics such as: where to look for jobs/ internships, how to create an effective resume and cover letter, how to write “thank you” notes, how the American job market works and how to behave in different professional situations.  Considering that I come from a different cultural and work environment, the presentation will be very useful to me during my next job search in the U.S. “


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August 8, 2017