Summer 2013 Community Service Fellows

10-week Summer Internships
The following students were awarded funding for 10-week summer internships in nonprofit settings. Their work was a direct application of the skills they acquired through their training at the GSD.

Lily Wubeshet (MArch I 2014), Affordable Housing Institute, Boston, MA
Lily conducted research on incremental housing typologies in informal settlements around the world. The results will be used as a reference point for slum rehabilitation and low cost housing projects globally.

Elizabeth MacWillie (MAUD 2014), buildingcommunityWORKSHOP, Dallas, TX (Funded by the Dallas Summer Fellowship)
The buildingcommunityWORKSHOP is a Dallas based nonprofit community design center seeking to improve the livability and viability of communities through the practice of thoughtful design and making. Elizabeth worked on two projects involving urban design and community planning.

Irene Figueroa Ortiz (Arch I/MUP 2015), Detroit Collaborative Design Center, Detroit, MI
Irene ocused on creating a design scheme which captures the citizen input which resulted in the Detroit Future City plan.

Alison Tramba (MUP 2014), MASS Design Group, Boston, MA
Alison’s internship extended across two projects. The first will be an assessment of the expected health, economic, and educational benefits from MASS Design Group’s recently-completed cholera treatment center in Haiti. The second project involved working with a team to establish a robust set of health standards for the development of physical infrastructure in Liberia.

Dane Carlson (MLA II), MASS Design Group, Boston, MA
Dane worked with the MASS Design team to design more resilient communities through innovative design solutions and processes that strengthen the community.

Abhinay Sharma (MDesS 2014, Energy & Environments), Neighborworks Blackstone River Valley, Woonsocket, RI (Funded by the Doebele Fellowship)
Abhinay’s internship supported the organization’s work to develop good affordable housing for low and moderate income families. He developed and administered a visual preference survey, mapping critical information to inform the planning process, prepared materials for the community charrette, developed a site analysis for the neighborhood, and analyzed vacant properties and data.

Kate Anderson (MUP 2014), Newark Dept. of Housing & Urban Development, Newark, NJ
Kate worked on the Newark River Public Access and Redevelopment Plan. Her internship involved analysis, mapping and community engagement. She also helped the city with a new public space project called “Not a Good Look”.

Trevor Johnson (MUP 2014), New York City Dept. of City Planning, Waterfront & Open Space, New York, NY (Funded by Harvard Club of New York)
Trevor’s internship focused on various approaches to mitigating climate change’s impacts on urban communities, buildings, and infrastructure. He identified and researched several topics, including the vulnerability of historic resources to coastal climate change, case studies of strategic retreat from flood zones, and mitigation measures for maritime  industrial sites.

Elyse Agnello (MArch I 2014), Redmoon, Chicago, IL (Funded by the Doebele Fellowship)
Elyse’s internship involved efforts to transform Redmoon’s newly acquired 57,000 sq. ft. warehouse into a vibrant cultural center. The realization of this project will benefit the Pilsen neighborhood where it is located as well as the greater City of  Chicago.

Adrienne Mathews (MUP 2014), Union Square Main Streets, Somerville, MA
Adrienne developed a strategy for the spatial integration and connection of the proposed green line T station in Union Square. The strategy will help to ensure that local businesses and the local community will benefit from this new link and the enhanced transit connection.

Tim Czerwienski (MUP 2014), Union Square Main Streets, Somerville, MA
Tim worked with local residents and businesses in a rapidly changing neighborhood. He conducted research that anticipates parking demand for the three proposed phases of redevelopment in the neighborhood. Tim also identified suitable sites and appropriate size for a new municipal parking garage in Union Square.


International Travel Fellows
The following GSD students were awarded funds to travel overseas to perform community service.

Farah Ereiqat (MUP 2014), United Nations Office for Project Services, Jerusalem, Israel
Farah secured an unpaid summer internship with the United Nations. She sought international experience in infrastructure.

David Tai Wai Pak (MArch II 2014), Warm Heart Worldwide, Phrao district, Thailand
David volunteered as a packaging designer for a nonprofit to help local industry.

Tim Zeitler (MArch I 2015). MEDLIFE, Lima, Peru
Tim worked as a volunteer with MEDLIFE, an organization that partners with low-income communities in Latin America to improve their access to medicine, education, and community development initiatives.




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May 27, 2013