2015 CSFP International Travel Fellows:

Timothy Nawrocki, MLA I 2016 received funding to travel to Bolivia to work with International Design Clinic as a volunteer Designer helping to develop and build projects serving communities in need.

Fernando Granados Franco, MUP 2016 received funding to travel to Kenya to volunteer as an intern with UN Habitat.

Apoorva Narayan Shenvi, MUP 2016 received funding to travel to New Delhi, India to intern with Asian Development Bank.

Pedro Aparicio Llorente, MDes 2016 received funding to travel to Indonesia to volunteer with Rujak


Greater Boston Community Service Fellows:

Joseph Steele, MDes 2016
Art, Design and the Public Domain
Design Studio for Social Intervention, Roxbury, MA

LeeAnn Suen, MArch I 2017
Harvard Square Youth Housing Initiative, Cambridge, MA

Elliot Kilham, MUP 2016
Just a Start, Cambridge, MA

Nadia Perlepe, MArch II 2016
MASS Design, Boston, MA

Emma Schnur, MUP 2016
Metropolitan Area Planning Council, Boston, MA

Paige Peltzer, MUP 2016
Washington Gateway Main Street, Boston, MA


Doebele Fellows:
Funding provided by the Loeb Fellows endowment in honor of Bill Doebele.

Sarah Bolivar, MLA I 2016
Liveable Streets, Cambridge, MA

Cara Michell, MUP 2016
Rebuild Foundation, Chicago, IL


JCHS Community Service Fellows:
Funding provided by the Joint Center for Housing Studies to support internships related to real estate, housing, community development.

Jonathan Andrews, MLA I 2017
Fifth Avenue Committee, New York, NY

Joshua Jow, MArch II 2016
Institute for Public Architecture, New York, NY

Ali Karimi, MArch I 2016
Affordable Housing Institute, Boston, MA

Alex Mercuri, MUP 2016
Causa Justa: Just Cause, San Francisco, CA

Laurel Schwab, MUP 2016
Philadelphia City Planning Commission, Philadelphia, PA

Brodrick Spencer, MUP 2016
Boston Redevelopment Authority, Boston, MA

Scott  Valentine, MDes 2016
Art, Design and the Public Domain
LGBT Aging Project, Boston, MA

Harvard Club of New York Fellow:

Phi Nguyen, MArch I 2016
Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum



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May 27, 2015