UN-Habitat, Nairobi, Kenya post 6

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UN-Habitat, Nairobi, Kenya post 6

Fernando Granados Franco, MUP 2016
Summer 2015
Organization: UN-Habitat, Nairobi, Kenya
Sponsor: International Travel Community Service Fellowship

“In addition to the work I have been doing during my internship at UN Habitat in Nairobi, I have also had the opportunity to travel around Kenya, which has been the experience of a lifetime. The country is so versatile that whatever you want to do it is almost sure you will find it here.

Whether you want to go for a game drive in any of the many national parks and reserves such as the Maasai Mara to watch the Wildebeest Migration or the Big Five, sail the crystalline Indian Ocean, hike or climb some of Africa’s highest peaks, trek through beautiful landscapes, explore the Kenyan jungles, or do boat trips on amazing lakes, you will never have enough time to completely discover what the country has to offer. Obviously this experience would not be as great without the incredible fellow interns from all around the world I have met during my internship. I really treasure the travels and time I have spent with them.”


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August 11, 2015