UN-Habitat, Nairobi, Kenya post 2

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UN-Habitat, Nairobi, Kenya post 2

Fernando Granados Franco, MUP 2016
Summer 2015
Organization: UN-Habitat, Nairobi, Kenya
Sponsor: International Travel Community Service Fellowship

“Hello again! I want to use this post write about another project I have been working on as an intern at UN-Habitat, but first I want to briefly describe the crucial moment UN-Habitat is currently going through as it prepares towards the Habitat III Conference in Quito in 2016. Habitat III -the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development – will bring together all the UN’s Member States and relevant stakeholders, from the public, private, and social sectors, to discuss the challenge of how cities, towns and villages are planned and managed. The outcome of the conference will be the approval of the New Urban Agenda, which will shape the implementation of the Post-2015 global development agenda (in which the Millennium Development Goals will be superseded by the Sustainable Development Goals, also to be approved in 2016).

To this, I have been conducting research on the impact of decentralization on the efficiency and quality of local governance and basic service delivery, with the aim of advocating for the role of local governments as key implementers of urban policies and programs at the local level. Similarly, I hope the research will be of help in arguing that national and regional governments should go hand in hand with local governments when designing, implementing, and monitoring the New Urban Agenda’s goals. Main research topics are: multilevel governance and self-governance; municipal finance; security and basic service delivery; local economic development; and spatial planning and development.”