United Nations Development Programme, Bangladesh, post 4

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Camila Gutierrez Plata, MAUD 2018 and Ross Marc Eisenberg, MUP 2018

Summer 2017

Organization: United Nations Development Programme, Bangladesh

Sponsor: International Travel Community Service Fellowship

“To begin the process of creating the Urban Poverty Profile for Narayanganj, we had a pin-up session where we examined all the information we gathered during our initial visit and from the participatory planning and household surveys. The purpose of this session was to generate insights about the relationship between different urban problems and their spatiality, which will lead to further exploration in the next analytical phase. Having found topics and situations to consider, we focused them into three main themes: infrastructure and services, housing and land tenure, and livelihoods and wellbeing.




The importance of looking at these topics is to be able to understand what and where the specific problems are in each of the cities and to be able to come up with conclusions that can inform better interventions in the different urban poor communities.

At the end of this phase, we created analytical maps, diagrams and text that forms the first draft version of the Urban Poverty Profile.”