United Nations Development Programme, Bangladesh, post 5

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Camila Gutierrez Plata, MAUD 2018 and Ross Marc Eisenberg, MUP 2018

Summer 2017

Organization: United Nations Development Programme, Bangladesh

Sponsor: International Travel Community Service Fellowship

” One of the key goals of the National Urban Poverty Reduction Programme is to strengthen and empower local governments and communities so that the process of improvements in urban planning and urban conditions becomes sustainable and continues after the programme is over in 5 years.

Among other methods, the program achieves this by including stakeholders in all the steps of the process, beginning with asset and poverty mapping and continuing with different workshops across many different stakeholders. For the Urban Poverty Profile to become a useful tool for them, it is important that they not only understand it but also that the conclusions we reach are true representations of each city’s poverty reality.

Our next step, then, was to go back to the cities for a UPP Validation Workshop, in which we presented our findings through the maps and diagrams that we had produced in the previous phase. Attendees included local government officials (sometimes including the mayor) and local poor community leaders and representatives. The main goal of this workshop was to get feedback from those who will be using the UPP as an aid to help make decisions on where to intervene and with what sort of projects in order to have the greatest and best impact on the poor communities.

To facilitate the discussion, we posed different questions that we still had after analyzing the data and our first visits, and encouraged everyone present to be part of the conversation.”