United Nations Development Programme, Bangladesh, post 6

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Camila Gutierrez Plata, MAUD 2018 and Ross Marc Eisenberg, MUP 2018

Summer 2017

Organization: United Nations Development Programme, Bangladesh

Sponsor: International Travel Community Service Fellowship

” As our work continued, both through the data analysis and the validation workshops, other questions arose and we felt that the Urban Poverty Profile would benefit from a people-based story approach in addition to the data presentation and analysis mapping. We accomplished this through both representative, evocative pictures, and more importantly by individual profiles of people that suffered from the different situations we encountered.

So after the Validation Workshops, we visited the communities again, this time in search of detailed anecdotes and photographs that would support some of the things we already knew were a problem or an asset of the city and its poor communities. As we had already visited the cities once previously and knew more about them and their conditions, we were more prepared to conduct rich, targeted interviews.

Especially with translation to Bangla, is was especially important to know what and how to ask the different community members in order to get to their true opinions and thoughts, so we made a point of talking to each person much more in depth. By this time, we were more confident about asking those who were translating to be more accurate or to restate questions and impressions so the residents would feel comfortable saying what they felt. Through this process, we got many more insights than we had anticipated.

The results will surely help strengthen the UPP and make it a more complete account of the realities of the urban poor in each of the cities.”