Evangeline Sheridan, MLA 2019

Summer 2018

Organization: Santa Fe Art Institute, Santa Fe, NM

Sponsor: Doebele Community Service Fellowship


“During the week of June fourth, I was completely immersed in the art of telling stories. Primarily, I participated in a workshop run by some of the creators of Storycatchers Theater hailing from Chicago, IL. The workshop was designed and tailored to the needs of the Story Maps Fellows as Meade and Sydney passed on some of their techniques for engaging people in the story telling process. The activity included telling someone else one of my stories and listening to one of their stories. When we came back together as a group, we told each other’s stories.

I took on the role of Heidi and became her as I told the group about her time in the Parks Department. As I finished the story, the group began to ask me questions that I didn’t know the answers to, requiring me to make them up as if I was Heidi. This process allowed me to change the story and begin to see how creativity could influence and heighten the power of a seemingly mundane story.

The week culminated in the Art of Change event held at the Lensic in Santa Fe’s downtown. This event brought people from across the country to lead a discussion about how art can result in change. Leading this discussion was the prestigious Ira Glass of This America Life. His talk highlighted the historic value of story telling and how little and how much his work can do to change the world we live in. I later had the opportunity to meet him and have dinner with the entire group.”