Evangeline Sheridan, MLA 2019

Summer 2018

Organization: Santa Fe Art Institute, Santa Fe, NM

Sponsor: Doebele Community Service Fellowship


“During our weekly Story Maps meeting on Thursday, I had the chance to co-lead a workshop on mapping. The workshop was designed to help the Fellows think more critically about mapping, focusing especially on creating maps with intention.

I developed the workshop with one of the Story Maps mentors, Nuttaphol. We came up with key questions and key learning objectives for the group. The main questions were: 1) How can we use mapping to recover stories? and 2) How can you use your map to tell a story that hasn’t been told before? The learning objectives were collaboration, intention, answering the key questions, and spatializing abstract concepts.

We designed the workshop in two parts. First, I asked each of the fellows to look at the maps they had hanging in their studio spaces and tell me what they were seeing on the map, what the basic symbols and colors meant and what kind of data was represented. They followed this by telling me what was missing from the map. Through this exercise, the fellows began to think about how their maps were missing the core values of each of their individual projects. For example, Yvette’s work deals with homelessness in Santa Fe. However, her map did not include places where homeless people might gather like shelters or food kitchens. Further, they began to collaborate by giving each other feedback as to what was missing, enabling a richer discussion of larger concepts and ways to develop maps with deeper meanings and stories.

The second section of the workshop was intended to bring together the Fellow’s projects into one collaborative map. We asked each of them to come up with a major theme they were working with. For example, Mya is working with the concept of desire and what people in the city want from where they live. I asked each Fellows to map out places in Santa Fe that they felt were desirable. Afterwards they worked together to decide on a notation technique for showing desire on the map and combined each of their maps into one map.

The workshop ended there for the day but will continue in the coming weeks.”