Maura Barry-Garland, MUP 2019

Summer 2018

Organization: South Boston Neighborhood Development Corporation, Boston, MA

Sponsor: Joint Center for Housing Studies Community Service Fellowship


“In my summer internship at South Boston Neighborhood Development Corporation (SBNDC), I intend to experience the start-to-finish process of creating an affordable housing development. This may seem impossible, given that my internship will last only 10 weeks and the development process is far longer—It took 6 years for Patriot Homes, the SBNDC property next door to our offices, to go from a concept to a place that 24 veterans and their families call home.

Luckily, SBNDC has three different affordable housing developments currently in the pipeline. Since each one is at a different stage of completion, I’ll be able to get a sense of the different steps in creating affordable housing, even though my days as an intern are numbered.

Last Wednesday marked the first of the weekly closing calls for one of those projects: O’Connor Way, a 47-unit affordable housing complex for seniors. SBNDC’s current goal is to request final approval for the project at the August 9th MassDevelopment board meeting. Many pieces will have to come together this summer in advance of that closing, including negotiations with the owner of the abutting property, completion of the OneStop application, and an environmental audit. I’m eager to help assemble all the parts needed for this important project to receive the greenlight to begin construction.”


Map by Maura Barry-Garland, showing amenities near the O’Connor Way site