Maura Barry-Garland, MUP 2019

Summer 2018

Organization: South Boston Neighborhood Development Corporation, Boston, MA

Sponsor: Joint Center for Housing Studies Community Service Fellowship


“On my morning commute, I pass 206 West Broadway as I walk from the Red Line to the South Boston Neighborhood Development Corporation offices. This small parcel of land— only 3,990 square feet in area— will soon hold 16 residential units affordable to households earning at or below 70% area median income (AMI), as well as a ground-floor retail space to be occupied by a locally-owned cafe.

Each day when I pass the site, a little more progress has been made. The construction process hasn’t been without its’ challenges, however. This is a small infill site that’s only 40 feet wide and sandwiched between other buildings that must remain open. The parcel also used to be a dry cleaning facility, so environmental remediation was necessary.

After meetings in which contractors discussed the pros and cons of using flowable fill, conveyor belts for sand, and other options, the foundation has been completed. I’m lucky to have been able to attend meetings with the contractors and architects making SBNDC’s ideas a reality, and I hope to apply what I’ve learned from the 206 West Broadway construction process to other developments in the future.”


Map by Maura Barry-Garland, showing amenities near the 206 West Broadway site.