The main mission of the Domestic Community Service Fellowship Program (CSFP) is to expose students to new challenges and methods of working, and to encourage them to explore connections between the academic interests they pursue at School and the practitioner’s vocation to understand and address existing challenges faced by communities both locally (in the Boston area) and nationally throughout the U.S. The Program also provides summer funding to support students as they gain relevant work experience.

A note to employers:

The Community Service Fellowship Program serves many students and organizations in nonprofit and government settings. Our goal is to provide meaningful experience to as many GSD students as possible.  Many organizations provide some funding to help support students in a 10-week summer internship.  We appreciate your support and take great pride in the contributions our students make to communities.

For more information on how your organization can become involved as a fellowship site, please contact Anne Creamer at career@gsd.harvard.edu

Domestic Community Service Fellowships

Six Unique Programs for GSD Students
The main mission of the International Travel Community Service Fellowship Program (CSFP) is to encourage students to work as volunteers in nonprofits or governments outside of the U.S. If selected, the student is awarded full or partial cost of airfare to their international destination.
Through these programs, students can apply for summer employment or internships in agencies or other organizations that address issues in design and planning that serve the public interests of communities. These engagements are intended to increase and enhance the school’s contact with, and relationship to, the outside world and to offer students an opportunity to explore new uses and applications for the skills they need.