Announcing the Summer 2020 Community Service Fellows

We are very fortunate to welcome 31 Community Service Fellows this summer. Here are the students and the organizations they will be working for, along with their funding sponsors.

What will you be doing this summer?

Greater Boston Community Service Fellowship

Benjamin Villa, MDE 2021, Mayor’s Office of Hartford, CT

Darien Carr, MArch I 2023, The Record Co, TRC

Trevor Cobb, MDE 2021, humanID

Liza De Angelis, MArch I 2021, MA Executive Office of Health & Human Services

Marina Recio Rodrigu, MLA I 2022, LivableStreets Alliance

Katarina Richter-Lunn, MDes in Technology, 2021, The Processing Foundation

Sanjana Sharma, MDes in Technology, 2021, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

Ciara Stein, MLA I 2021, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS)

Ayaka Yamashita, MDes in Risk & Resilience, 2021, Refugee Artisans of Worcester

Morgan Vought, MLA I 2022, Youth Build Boston

Doebele Community Service Fellowship

Elsa Hoover, MArch I 2023, Sustainable Native Communities Design Lab, MASS Design

Xinru Liu, MDes in Critical Conservation, 2021, The Canary Project

Jaline McPherson, MLA I 2021, Destination Design School of Agricultural Estates (DDSAE)

Joint Center for Housing Studies Community Service Fellowship

Clara Amenyo, MUP 2021, The Pratt Center for Community Development

Nupur Gurjar, MDE 2021, Earthos Institute/Greater Grove Hall Main Streets (GGHMS)

Sunny Yidan Hu, MDes ULE 2021, Greater Grove Hall Main Streets

Elena Ion, MUP 2021, National Housing Conference

Asher Kaplan, MUP 2021, City of Providence, Law Dept.

Anne Lin, MUP/MPH 2021, The Urban Institute

Cecley Hill, MUP 2021, Powerful Pathways

Lillian Mensah, MUP 2021, Emerald South Economic Development Collaborative

Kanchan Wali-Richardson, MLA I 2021, Kounkuey Design Initiative

Wenzheng Wang, MUP 2021, Asian Community Development Corp (ACDC)

Martin Quiroga Barrera Oro, MUP 2021, Lincoln Land Institute

Harvard Club of New York Community Service Fellowship

Aron Chilewich, MUP 2021, New York City Housing Authority

Maria Vollas, MLA I/MDes 2022, Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

Harvard Real Estate Alumni Board

Jiae Azad, MUP 2021, The Lotus Campaign

Julian Huertas, MUP 2021, The Transformative Development Initiative Program of MassDevelopment

The James M. & Cathleen D. Stone Foundation

Gena Morgis, MLA I 2021, Save the Harbor / Save the Bay

Emma Bird, MUP 2021, Boston Harbor Now

Wendy Evans Joseph MArch ’81 Community Service Fund

Zoe Toledo, MArch I 2023, Sustainable Native Communities Design Lab, MASS Design

Lawrence and Marla Curtis Fund for Public Service

Supriya Ambwani, MLA I 2022, Lowell Waterways Vitality Initiative