Summer 2021 Community Service Fellows



We are very fortunate to welcome 24 Community Service Fellows this summer. The list below details information about our student fellows and the organizations they will be working for arranged by their funding sponsors.



What will you be doing this summer?



Carl and Lily Pforzheimer Foundation: Greater Boston Area Community Service Fellowship



Connie Chang (MDes ‘22) will work with the Destination Design School of Agricultural Estates in Atlanta, GA to study community-based design and reparations ecology in the Black Belt South. She will develop 3D prototypes for Residency architectural programs and conduct research on immersive learning structures, including reverse management and game design.



Bethany Gabriel (MLA I ‘23) will collaborate with the Town of Lexington, MA Planning and Economic Development Department to publicize LexArt programs. She will participate in education and outreach by assisting in the organization of workshops, courses, events, and the launch of a teen portfolio development program.



Sara Arman (MUP ‘22) will focus on health equity, enhancing the urban environment, community engagement, and youth leadership for GreenRoots, Inc. She will also contribute to planning, design, and advocacy for the Chelsea, MA organization.



Ryan Johnson (MUP ‘22) will work with Great Springs Project in Austin and San Antonio, TX to support Land & Trails programming. He will contribute to data collection, logistics, and map-making for general audiences to assist outreach efforts and policy development.



Olani Ewunnet (MDes ULE ‘22) will assist Soul Fire Farm in Petersburg, NY with database management and website design. She will also support the construction of 15 new urban gardens in the Capital District.



Ava Violich Kennedy (MArch I ‘24) will participate in the research and coordination of ongoing conservation field projects in Ahmedabad, India and Toronto, Canada with World Monuments Fund (WMF). She will provide program support and learn the operations of an international non-profit dedicated to conservation of cultural and architectural heritage worldwide.



Marina Defrates (MArch I ‘23) will support The Legal Design Lab at Stanford Law School in California with UX design, research, and testing. Her work will focus on legal civil justice for tenants, the housing crisis, and evictions related to COVID-19.



Nicole Piepenbrink (MDes CC ‘22) will work at Monument Lab to assist with curatorial research, publication projects, and event programming. She will also contribute to sharing and archiving research in preparation for the National Monument Audit. Monument Lab is based at CultureWorks in Philadelphia, PA.





Lawrence and Marla Curtis Fund for Public Service 



Austin Lu (MLA II ‘22) will support the Asian Community Development Corporation (ACDC) in Boston, MA with real-estate development tasks related to affordable housing, such as assisting with RFP documents, research, and preliminary underwriting. He will also contribute to community planning and civic engagement, specifically with the Asian-American community in Malden.





Doebele Community Service Fellowship 



Shane Ah-Siong (MDes ‘22) will work with 2018 Loeb Fellow Matthew Mazzotta and Metro Nashville Arts in Nashville, TN on activism and art in the built environment. He will assist in supporting the organization’s mission to connect the local community with the arts and ensure access to creative resources.



Scarlet Rendleman (MLA ‘22) will work with 2016 Loeb Fellow Euneika Rogers-Sipp on community-based design and reparations ecology in the Black Belt South. At the Destination Design School of Agricultural Estates in Atlanta, GA, she willassist the founder with the research and development of a 200-mile Reparative Ecological Trail.



Sumayyah Raji (MArch I ‘23) will work with 2017 Loeb Fellow Emmanuel Pratt’s organization, Sweet Water Foundation, in Chicago, IL to develop health guides related to wellness and water. She will also contribute to the analysis of Urban Ecology systems and create lesson plans for K-8 students.





Harvard Real Estate Alumni Board 



Chad Reed (MUP ‘22) will work with Prosperity Now in Washington, DC in the Innovations in Manufactured Homes program to investigate inequities in manufactured home parks, identify disparities in rats of displacement, and update existing research and public-facing communication.



Jocelyn Chiou (MArch I ‘22) will focus on urban planning and health at San Francisco Public Works in California. She will assist the Landscape Bureau in the development of the SOMA Under Freeway Master Plan, a transition of 10 acres of under-freeway land into green space. She will also design a multi-benefit solution to flooding, air quality, and social equity.





Harvard Club of New York City Community Service Fellowship



Maggie Musante (MArch I ‘24) will support the New York City Housing Authority’s Connected Communities urban design initiative with policies, projects, and planning work. She will conduct research and develop standard procedures to improve outreach to stakeholders and the New York public.





The James M. & Cathleen D. Stone Foundation



Audrey Watkins (MArch I ‘23) will work with Boston Harbor Now in Massachusetts and study how privately-owned public spaces required by Chapter 91 have been implemented with varying degrees of effectiveness in specific sites. She will work on resiliency and inclusivity as well as learn how decisions in the built environment have affected the success of waterfront sites.





Joint Center for Housing Studies Community Service Fellowship 



Emma Colley (MUP ‘22) will work with the Resiliency Planning Team in the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development‘s Office of Neighborhood Strategies on housing and neighborhood resiliency planning, climate adaption, Hurricane Sandy recovery, and policy development.



Olivia Howard (MArch I ‘22) will work with MASS Design Group in Boston, MA on a project to expand their work on Fringe Cities into a book scheduled to be published later this year. She will contribute to graphic design, mapping, drawing, writing, editing, and research.



Zoe Iacovino (MUP + MPP ‘23) will work with Greater Grove Hall Main Streets and the Earthos Institute on the creation of a Green Zone for the Boston, MA Grove Hall neighborhood. She will review aspects of the “Governance, Regulation and Policy” in prior Green Zone and Eco District cases as well as study cases of Resilient Cities and certified sustainability zones.



G. Laster (MLA I ‘23) will work as a Public Realm and Streetscape Design Intern with ReBUILD Metro in Baltimore, MD and research best practices of dynamic neighborhoods. They will develop design standards for sidewalks and crosswalks to encourage foot traffic, neighborhood circulation, and safety. They will also develop a landscape plan to coordinate streetlights and trees.



Jonathan Lee (MUP ‘23) will continue an ongoing internship with the Cambridge, MA Community Development Department’s Economic Development Division to build a new state-funded economic recovery program for local businesses. He will work on community-planning practices for local governments with an emphasis on supporting small businesses, especially those owned by minorities and women.



Shannon Slade (MDes RR ‘22) will work as a Planning and Development Intern in the office of Boston City Councilor Elizabeth Breadon in Massachusetts. She will develop a project related to the city of Allston-Brighton Master Plan and Zoning Initiative as well as support other planning-related activities.



Arshaya Sood (MDes ULE ‘22) will assist with design, research, and planning tasks as well as community engagement processes at the Kounkuey Design Initiative in Los Angeles, CA. She will contribute to activating vacant lots and research for building new project pipelines.



Whytne Stevens, (MUP ’22) will support policy research and community engagement on several projects for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, a community development entity that is part of the St. Philip’s School and Community Center in Dallas, TX. She will test and negotiate best practices in urban planning through discrepancies in the planner’s vision and the community’s wants.