International Travel Community Service Fellowship

The main mission of the International Travel CSFP is to support GSD students in traveling overseas to work/volunteer in nonprofit or government settings. Students secure unpaid internships which are typically two to three months in length. A major goal is to provide students with international development experience through their work helping to improve living conditions for struggling communities.

The focus of the work is to apply the skills the student has developed in their graduate studies at the GSD.  The funding supports travel expenses to and from the country in which the student is volunteering. 

Applications for International Travel CSFP funding are accepted on a rolling basis.  Submit your application as early as possible ( for example, January). When the funding is spent for the year, the application is closed.

The International Travel CSFP is NOT intended to fund academic research. Students are encouraged to learn about the Paul M. Heffernan Fund  to support international travel for  academic research.

2019 International Travel Community Service Fellowship Recipients

January 2019 travelers:

Carolyn Angius, MUP 2019, Critical Places, in Chhattisgarh, India

Humberto Ceballos, MDE 2019, SUDU, in Sierra Leone, Africa

Summer 2019 travelers:

Camila Huber Horta Barbosa, MAUD/MLA I AP 2020, Critical Places, in Chhattisgarh, India

Caroline Craddock, MLA I 2021, Critical Places, in Chhattisgarh, India

Cynthia Deng, MArch I/MUP 2021, Taller Activo, in Querétaro, Mexico

Benjamin Hackenberger, MLA I 2020, Isthmus Institute, in Tbilisi, Georgia

Radu Macovei, MUP/MArch I 2020, UN Habitat’s Urban Planning & Design Lab, in Nairobi, Kenya

Alyson Wright, MLA I AP 2020, Critical Places, in Chhattisgarh, India

Emily Yang, MDE 2020, Earth Enable, in Jinja, Uganda and Kigali, Rwanda