Kounkuey Design Initiative

Connie Trinh, MLA I 2020

Summer 2019

Organization: Kounkuey Design Initiative, Los Angeles, CA

Sponsor: Greater Boston Area Community Service Fellowship


Connie worked with KDI on a variety of projects, including “People Streets” in Los Angeles, a mobility plan in California’s Eastern Coachella Valley, planning for new open spaces in park-poor communities, and research into environmental justice issues around the Salton Sea.

Connie offered these comments: “Aside from the formal aspects of work, the culture here at KDI is greatly supportive of continued scholarship and professional development. Last week we attended a meet and greet with LA Mas, another organization in the Los Angeles area that engages in similar work. Additionally, I had the opportunity to attend a talk at UCLA by Matthew Miller from UPenn Planning titled, “Public While Black: Designing for the Crenshaw Imaginary with Culture and Commerce”. These experiences acknowledge work within the design community and encourage the exchange of knowledge.”


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September 1, 2019