Diagram of Rebuild area


Isaac Stein, MLA II/MDes RR 2020

Summer 2019

Organization: Rebuild Metro, Baltimore, MD

Sponsor: Joint Center for Housing Studies Community Service Fellowship


“This summer, I got to experience and understand the amount of work that different organizations, community members, individuals and stakeholders put in to bringing to fruition projects that support underserved communities that have historically been cast aside. All the employees at ReBuild Metro, along with each and every one of the other organizations that they collaborate with, are dedicated to making actionable change in their communities.

As I found my place within the organization over the course of my 10-week fellowship, I focused on creating a framework for open space and development opportunities in the ReBuild Metro’s neighborhoods of focus. I completed a spatial analysis of their work in the past decade in the neighborhoods of Oliver and Greenmount West, and I created a framework for their current and upcoming work in the neighborhood of Johnston Square. The map above features Johnston Square focused in the center, highlighting its current vacant buildings and lots in red, as well as the neighborhoods of Greenmount West and Oliver, with blue highlights showing the parcels ReBuild has either directly rehabbed and/or developed since 2009. Johnston Square is bound to the west by the Jones Falls Expressway and the neighborhood of Midtown Belvedere and to the east by Oliver. The neighborhood acts as a direct connection between Baltimore Penn Station/Midtown Belvedere and the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus, but it has long been neglected from both public and private investment.

ReBuild Metro, and all the partners of the Johnston Square Partnership (JSP), are developing a master plan to incentivize public and private support in the neighborhood. The groundbreaking for the Greenmount and Chase apartment building mentioned in the last post was one of the first projects in a 10-year plan of investment in the community. Over time, the JSP hopes to flip the script on vacancies in Johnston Square, following the footsteps of the work that has been completed in Greenmount West and Oliver.

In the map below, you can see how the vision for this investment will build off of past investment in the neighboring communities and look to cultivate spaces both for development and open space. On the northern edge of the neighborhood, a series of open spaces will be cultivated to create a consistent path and park space connecting the whole neighborhood to Oliver, Baltimore Penn Station and the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus. The goal of the open space plan is to help catalyze economic growth by creating a new connection for residents across the city and and tying into Johnston Squares’ existing network of parks along Chase Street on the southern edge of the neighborhood as well as into existing key north-south thoroughfares.”


Rebuild Area 2029 Green Path


Hoffman, existing and proposed