CSFP Fellows 2021

2021 Fellowship Gallery

Featured Fellows of the Week | 11/15 – 11/19

Austin Lu

Austin Lu

(MLA II ‘22)

Asian Community Development Corporation | Malden, MA

“The CSFP funding is the foundation of the fellowship. I would not have the opportunity to work at a non-profit organization without the support of the funding because I was not familiar with a career path in non-profits. CSFP funding provides me the motivation and assistance to learn more about non-profits and secure a summer fellowship. It was rewarding to explore a different working style in a non-profit organization for ten weeks. Secondly, CSFP funding is given to many fellows who spend their meaningful summer in many other wonderful non-profit organizations. It is an excellent opportunity to get to know other talented fellows and learn from each other. Thirdly, the fellowship allows me to learn more about various neighborhoods and Asian culture in Boston. I did not go to Boston in my first year of study due to the pandemic. The fellowship helps me understand the local communities, which is helpful for me to transition into the local culture more smoothly. Additionally, fellows who intern at non-profits dealing with housing issues like me, receive strong support from David Luberoff, the Deputy Director at Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies. He hosts weekly catch-up meetings for us to share useful resources.”

Whytne Stevens

Whytne Stevens

(MUP ‘22)

St. Philip’s School and Community Center | Dallas, TX

“This fellowship has showed me how urban planning and community centered work function at a very granular level. It has also showed me all the different stakeholders and relationships that help a project move forward or even stop a project from happening.

The greatest skill I’ve gained this summer is parsing through a city’s zoning and planning policy. I’ve learned how hard it can be for both regular citizens and those like myself who have some knowledge of urban planning. 

The CSFP funding allowed me to be able to work with such a community-oriented organization.”

CSFP Funding Testimonials

The CSFP has enabled me to use design as a tool for service in the non-profit and governmental realms. Previously, I had little experience working on projects outside of the firm-client model, and this fellowship has shown me the possibilities of pursuing alternate career paths with a design education.

G. Laster, MLA I ‘23

2021 Community Service Fellow, ReBUILD Metro

As I am pursuing a degree in architecture, my work this summer allowed me to develop skills that are outside of the design discipline but complementary to my education. These include skills in meeting facilitation and consensus-building, participatory design planning and engagement, and collaboration skills across disparate agencies and constituents.

Receiving CSFP funding gave me the opportunity to work within an agency and department that is typically financially limited and unable to hire summer interns. The funding also supported my living costs in New York City. Living in the city allowed me to take full advantage of the internship, partaking in site visits and agency events which would not be possible through a remote setup.

Maggie Musante, MArch I ‘24

2021 Community Service Fellow, New York City Housing Authority

CSFP made a huge difference to my experience this summer. The fellowship has allowed me to live in Poughkeepsie as an active member of the community – meeting activists at the Juneteenth celebration that MASS participated in, becoming friendly with local business owners, or striking up a casual conversation at the parking meter – and contribute to this meaningful work. Because our publication aspires to elevate a national conversation surrounding justice and equity in the built environment, and as such does not hold the primary purpose of being economically self-supporting, it is essential to win the backing of grants and fellowships to fund the labor that makes this research possible. This project would not be possible without independent academic sponsorship.

Olivia Howard, MArch I ‘22

2021 Community Service Fellow, MASS Design Group